Homo Faber major cultural event, organised  Michelangelo Foundation, aims to gather the fine European craftsmanship highlighting the artisanal techniques that have gotten forgotten over time and connecting them to the world of creativity and design.

In order to ensure and promote future of craftsmanship, Young Ambassadors is an educational initiative of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and the Michelangelo Foundation that brings some students to represent the very best in young european talent from different study fields as design and architecture, and arts as shoemaking, gemstone engraving, wax modelling, stone masonry and cabinet making. This year, 105 young students were selected from 26 Europe’s top educational establishments to be at Homo Faber, interacting with some of Europe’s finest artisans, designers, institutions and luxury houses. Portugal will be represented at the event, by students of Escola Superior de Artes Decorativas, Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva Foundation, from Lisbon.

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Photo by Lundi13 © Michelangelo Foundation

Be part of Homo Faber Young Ambassadors it’s an unique opportunity to for those seeking a career at arts and crafts, and also to develop a valuable network into their future. This initiative has it all to be a great experience where young students will immerse themselves in the content of each of Homo Faber’s 14 exhibit spaces: at live art demonstrations students may find master artisans sharing experience and wisdom, and at the Creativity and Craftsmanship Conferences they could learn new perspectives from experts and improve their knowledge about the fine craftsmanship world.

Young Ambassadors at Homo Faber 2018 youngambassadors 2

Photo by Lundi13 © Michelangelo Foundation